Welcome SEIU Members!  HeartShare is proud to be a premier partner with the SEIU UHW Joint Employer Education Fund to offer our of certification courses and career programs. Our courses are provided free of charge for all SEIU Union Members.  If you work in a participating SEIU unit position for a contributing employer, have completed your probation period, and worked a minimum 2 shifts per month for the most recent 6 months, you are eligible for Education Fund programs and services.

We offer on-site and open enrollment classes throughout the State of California. If you do not find a course hosted in your organization or area, please call our office as we are adding new locations daily to provide convenient access to classes. Also, check out the Virtual-Option for AHA Classes during the Covid Crisis for a safe and convenient education experience.

  1. Click on a course for more information.
  2. Choose your class time and location.
  3. Enter the promo code “SEIU100” at checkout for a Free Course registration.
  4. Heartshare Training will then confirm your eligibility and send confirmation.

Need help with registration? Call the Heartshare Northern California Office at (408) 246-0311, or the Southern California Office at (818) 703-8819.


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